Ep 13. The World Spire - The Battle of Crescent Valley, Part 3 - From Our Tabletop to Yours

Episode 13

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16th Mar 2020

Ep 13. The World Spire - The Battle of Crescent Valley, Part 3

The end is here: soon, the attack on Crescent Valley begins, and the druids are out of time to bolster their defences. But a sliver of hope remains: Phaerille has freed most of the totems from the grasping tendrils of Rot, returning the Circle’s druidic magics to them, and her companions have discovered a secret passage which they can use to lead the druids to the mysterious Circle of the Deep Woods. But first, they must prove themselves worthy to unlock the ancient gate before them, and if they can’t figure it out in time, then all of their efforts will have been for naught.


  • Dungeon Master: Clément Todd
  • Tintsie: Nancy Chea
  • Phaerille: Annie Clarke
  • Zealous: Tessa Lamer
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From Our Tabletop to Yours
Serving up hot, fresh Dungeons & Dragons and tabletop RPG adventures, from our tabletop to yours!
Welcome to the World Spire, a realm unlike our own! Those who call this world home live in settlements built into the side of a seemingly endless pillar of earth, stretching up and up into the sky.

This Dungeons and Dragons adventure features equal parts mystery, intrigue and goofing off like the dorks that we are, starring Annie Clarke as Phaerille, the half-elf druid, Nancy Chea as Tintsie, the forest gnome paladin, Tessa Lamer as Zealous, a mysterious stranger, and Clément Todd, the Dungeon Master!

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Editor of both Spooky Shit, Learn Shit, Talk Shit and From Our Tabletop to Yours. Resident squishy skeptic.

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Game developer by day and podcaster by night, I am the Dungeon Master of our D&D podcast, From Our Tabletop to Yours, as well as the Token Boy on SLT Sh*t Pod! As Annie puts it I am "annoyingly wholesome" and I wear that as a badge of honour. Come to think of it I'm not sure how I ended up on a show as dark as SLT Sh*t Pod but I'm not complaining!

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